8 fruits you must eat to reverse fatty liver disease (2024)

ByParmita Uniyal, New Delhi

Eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fibre can help reverse fatty liver disease. Here are 8 fruits that can detox your liver and improve its functioning.

A healthy liver function can be disrupted with excess fat accumulation in the crucial organ. While some amount of fat is important for the functioning of a healthy liver, the problem begins when it gets too much and starts to cause severe damage to the liver. If not controlled it can eventually lead to liver failure or liver cancer. While fatty liver is mostly caused by heavy drinking and classified as alcohol-induced fatty liver disease, a growing number of people are now being diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease that is caused by a number of factors from diabetes, obesity and unhealthy lifestyle. If your liver has a lot of fat and is not functioning efficiently you may feel lethargic, fatigued, feel a bit of pain in upper right abdomen. It is possible to reverse fatty liver diseases in many cases with healthy diet including lots of fruits, vegetables, and fibre among other things. (Also read: Diet plan for liver health: 10 foods that can work wonders for your liver)

8 fruits you must eat to reverse fatty liver disease (1)

Here are some fruits that can help reverse fatty liver disease.

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1. Grapefruits: These magical fruits are juicy and repair the liver damage that happens after a fatty liver. The Vitamin C and antioxidants present in these fruits help eliminate toxins from the body to improve your liver health, says Dr. Jinal Patel, Dietitian, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Mumbai.

2. Avocado: Shruti Bharadwaj, Senior Clinical Dietician, Narayana Hrudayalaya suggests adding avocados to diet for correcting fatty liver. Rich in HDL (good) cholesterol, avocado is suggested for those suffering from nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and it may help lower fat or blood lipid and prevent liver damage.

3. Blueberries: If you have a fatty liver, blueberries are a must-addition to your everyday diet. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and can help you overcome liver problems, particularly fatty liver disease.

4. Bananas: Bharadwaj also suggests bananas for fatty liver disease patients. They are a storehouse f vitamin B6, C and A and also high in resistant starch, which is good for liver health.

5. Cranberries: Just like blueberries, you need to also add cranberries to the diet. They contain anthocyanins and help to combat liver problems, says Dr Patel.

6. Grapes: Grapes are loaded with resveratrol and can help you improve liver health and help you to stay healthy, says Dr Patel.

7. Lemons and limes: They are jam-packed with citric acid, potassium, Vitamin C, and bioflavonoids and help with detoxification and lower inflammation according to Dr Patel.

8. Apple: This is another miraculous fruit for improving your liver health as it contains fibre and can help to detoxify the liver. It is the need of the hour for one detected with a fatty liver disease to stick to healthy eating habits and avoid junk, spicy, oily, processed, and canned food. Seek help from an expert to guide you regarding what to eat and delete from the diet to overcome liver problems.

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News / Lifestyle / Health / 8 fruits you must eat to reverse fatty liver disease

8 fruits you must eat to reverse fatty liver disease (2024)


Which fruit is not good for the liver? ›

This may be hard to believe, but consuming large amounts of fructose-rich fruits like raisins, and dry fruits can result in inflammation and fatty liver. This is because the sugar present in fruits, known as fructose, can cause abnormal amounts of fat in the blood when consumed in large amounts.

Are bananas OK for fatty liver? ›

In addition, some vegetables such as: fresh tomatoes, lettuce, celery, ripe apples, yellow peppers, water spinach, bananas, lemons, oranges, tangerines, shiitake, garlic, grapefruit, lotus leaves, Artichoke flower, ... can help reduce blood fat, prevent fat accumulation in liver cells, reduce excess cholesterol, ...

What kills fat in liver? ›

Compounds found in spinach and other leafy greens may help fight fatty liver disease. A 2021 observational study found that eating spinach specifically lowered the risk of NAFLD, possibly due to the nitrate and distinct polyphenols in the leafy green.

Are eggs good for fatty liver? ›

According to a study led by the University of North Carolina, choline deficiency may contribute to the development of fatty liver disease. Including choline-rich foods like eggs in the diet may help maintain optimal liver function. While egg yolks can be part of a balanced and nutrient-rich diet, moderation is crucial.

What are the worst foods for fatty liver? ›

Sugar, alcohol, refined grains, fatty food, and meat should be avoided if a person has fatty liver disease.

What dissolves liver fat? ›

Try an omega-3 supplement

Research suggests that taking an omega-3 supplement may reduce liver fat and improve cholesterol levels. Talk with your doctor about how much you should take and if they believe the supplement route is better than the food route for you.

What makes fatty liver worse? ›

Risk factors include obesity, a high-fat diet, high alcohol intake and diabetes mellitus. In most cases, people with fatty liver disease are encouraged to modify their diets, take regular exercise and lose weight.

Is peanut butter good for fatty liver? ›

Is peanut butter good for the liver? Peanut butter can enhance antioxidant activity in the liver and support liver function because of its high level of vitamins and antioxidants. Given that liver patients must adhere to several dietary limitations, peanut butter is a well-balanced source of protein.

Are eggs ok for fatty liver? ›

People with cirrhosis on average should only eat 1-3 eggs per week. Eat boiled eggs instead of fried or fried eggs. However, you should not continuously eat eggs when you have cirrhosis because the liver will have to work harder, increasing pressure on the liver, making liver disease worse.

What dissolves fatty liver? ›

Lifestyle and dietary changes are currently the most effective options for managing NAFLD. Losing weight, being physically active, cutting back on sugar, eating a nutrient-dense diet, and drinking coffee (if you can tolerate it) are some of the methods that may help improve symptoms associated with NAFLD.

Which fruit is best for liver detox? ›

Lemons, orange , grapefruit , amla which has high vitamin C and antioxidants, citrus fruits like grapefruits, oranges, limes and lemons support the natural cleansing abilities of the liver. 3. Turmeric root: Turmeric root is your liver's best friend!


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