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5. Helen Day Falkenhagen Obituary, Galv News, 26 Sep 1995, pg 4.

  • 26 sep 1995 · Helen Day Falkenhagen GALVESTON — Helen Day Falkenhagen, age 69. passed away Monday, September 25, 1995 at her home in Galveston.

  • Clipping found in The Galveston Daily News published in Galveston, Texas on 9/26/1995. Helen Day Falkenhagen Obituary, Galv News, 26 Sep 1995, pg 4.


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  • 23 feb 2010 · GALVESTON, Texas — Preliminary autopsy results indicate that a Texas woman found dead in her room on a cruise ship had no sign of trauma.

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8. Robert "Rob" Fentanes (1962-2022) | Obituary - We Remember

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  • All Obituaries - J. Levy & Termini Funeral Home offers a variety of funeral services, from traditional funerals to competitively priced cremations, serving Galveston, TX and the surrounding communities. We also offer funeral pre-planning and carry a wide selection of caskets, vaults, urns and burial containers.

Galvnews Obituary (2024)


What is the best obituary ever written? ›

The obituary of 82-year-old Connecticuter Joe Heller, penned by his daughter Monique Heller, was praised as the “best obituary ever” by The New York Times, which also profiled Heller's “wacky” funeral, a casual affair that saw his coffin carried off in a vintage Mack fire truck.

What are the final words on an obituary? ›

Concluding Message

In the conclusion of the obituary, special requests may be made such as, “in lieu of flowers, donations may be made to…” or “Our heartfelt thanks to the staff at General Hospital for…” Some families make the final line a dedication honoring their loved one.

How long after death do you write an obituary? ›

Publishing an obituary is a time-sensitive process–you should try to have it written and posted within a week of the deceased's passing. This goes for obituaries published both online and in print. If the obituary includes funeral details, you must publish it at least three days before the funeral.

How do you say passed away in an obituary? ›

You can present this information in a straightforward, factual way, or more uniquely. And there are many ways to say that someone has “died” (“departed,” “passed away,” “went to be with her Lord,” and “entered eternal rest” are some of the most common), so choose the expression you prefer.

What not to put in an obituary? ›

When writing an obituary, leave out details that could be used for identity theft, such as the deceased's date and place of birth, middle name, maiden name and mother's maiden name. And don't include the deceased's home address.

Is it normal to read the obituary at a funeral? ›

Paying respects and support: By including obituary readings in a funeral or memorial service, attendees have an opportunity to pay their respects to the deceased and offer support to the grieving family. It demonstrates care, compassion, and solidarity during a difficult time.

What is the most common last words before death? ›

People's last words are often these 4 phrases: What they teach us about living happy, meaningful lives, from an oncologist
  • I want to tell you that I love you.
  • I want to tell you that I forgive you.
  • Would you tell me that you love me?
  • Would you give me your forgiveness?
May 31, 2024

What is the best opening line for an obituary? ›

Ideas for the Beginning Paragraph

On (day, date), (full name of deceased) of (city of residence) passed away at the age of ____ years. The family of (full name of deceased) of (city of residence) is saddened to announce his/her passing on (day, date) at the age of _____ years.

What is the first paragraph of an obituary? ›

Opening Paragraph

The first paragraph of the obituary should include the deceased person's full name, including any nicknames they may have used, their age, date and place of death. Some people choose to include cause of death, but this is optional depending on how much information you would like to share.

Is it disrespectful not to have an obituary? ›

Posting an obituary is not a legal requirement and is a sentimental action. Families don't have to publish one if they don't want it or do not have the funds to do so. While you do not have to share a death note or obituary, you must file a death certificate with your state's office.

Who typically writes an obituary? ›

While there are no rules when it comes to who writes the obituary, they're typically written by family members or close friends. When a loved one passes, the family usually decides who will write it based on their relationship to the deceased or writing ability.

What is the best day to post an obituary? ›

Typically, obituaries are published as soon as possible following someone's death. An ideal timeline is the week following the passing. However, there is no “late” date for an obituary and no required deadline for publication following a loved one's death.

What is the last sentence of an obituary? ›

Some families make the final line a dedication honoring their loved one. Phrases like “We will always carry your memory in our hearts,” or perhaps a favorite quote of your loved one are heartfelt and personal. Other families select a short prayer, a religious quotation, or a line from a poem to place at the end.

What is a good sentence for obituary? ›

“Our beloved [full name] tragically left us on [date of death]. Loved and missed by [list of family members]. [First name]'s passion for [hobbies/interests] touched all who knew them. Contributions to [charity], a cause close to their heart, are appreciated.”

What is a good short obituary example? ›

[Full Name], aged [age of the deceased], passed away peacefully on [date of death], at [location of death]. He/she was born on [date of birth], in [birthplace], to [names of parents]. He/she was a proud resident of [city of residence] and was a 1975 graduate of Holy Cross High School.

How do you write an unforgettable obituary? ›

How to Write an Obituary That Is Creative and Memorable
  1. Ask questions & collaborate with the family. ...
  2. Add some emotion. ...
  3. Experiment with humor. ...
  4. Give friends and family members an easy way to share the obituary. ...
  5. Make the obituary easy to find on your website. ...
  6. Encourage visitors to post memories and messages. ...
  7. Incorporate videos.
Mar 15, 2016

What is an example of a heartfelt obituary? ›

Obituary Example 2: “We bid farewell to [full name], a true friend and beacon of light, who departed from this world on [date of death], leaving behind a legacy of warmth and kindness. [First name] walked through life with a gentle strength, touching the lives of everyone they encountered with an unforgettable grace.

What is a great obituary? ›

There are seven basic parts to a good obituary: the announcement of your loved one's death; a summary of their life story; a list of their closest family members; information about any funeral and/or memorial services; a mention of any charities they supported; and a photo.

How do you make a beautiful obituary? ›

5 Tips for Writing a Beautiful, Deeply Personal Obituary
  1. Informal is Okay. Many people think obituaries require formality or a stiff recitation of dates and facts. ...
  2. Tell A Favorite Story. People connect deeply through stories. ...
  3. Humor Helps. Humor goes a long way to easing sadness. ...
  4. Share their Passion. ...
  5. Practice Ahead of Time.
Jan 26, 2022


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