Delectable Birthday Dyes (2024)

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  • Taffy Dye · Decade Anniversary... · Committed Anniversary... · Orange Cream Dye

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  • L · Lemon Sherbet Dye · Limesicle Dye. O. Orange Cream Dye. T. Taffy Dye.

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3. 9th Birthday Gift Dyes - MMO-Champion

  • 13 okt 2021 · So I have been sitting on several 9th birthday gifts. In them is a 1-per-account dye pack that has some hella nice unique dyes.

  • So I have been sitting on several 9th birthday gifts. In them is a 1-per-account dye pack that has some hella nice unique dyes. I haven't really played GW2 in years and am returning now. I want to pick one but am having as hard time selecting. There seems to not be a good pink dye, not that I wanna use pink personally atm. Which of the dyes would be best to pick? By that question I mean, which color is harder to come by? I like all of them equally. Here is a link to the Wiki with the box that

4. What am I to do with unuseable birthday dyes - Guild Wars 2

5. Delectable Birthday Dyes -

  • Choose one unique Delectable Birthday Dye color. Account Bound on Acquire. Not ... "name": "Delectable Birthday Dyes",. "description": "Choose one unique ...

  • Guild Wars 2 Database and tool collection

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  • Unidentified Green Dye. 0 ; Delectable Birthday Dyes. 0 ; Unidentified Orange Dye. 0 ; Unidentified Purple Dye. 0 ...

  • A GW2 Database, List of all existing items in Guild Wars 2

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  • Supporters of the website unlock extra goodies, such as more frequent crawling, a longer history, automatic entries into the lottery and no advertisem*nts on ...

  • gw2efficiency is your helpful companion for everything Guild Wars 2 related.

8. Celebrating Nine Years of Guild Wars 2 - Doncpauli

  • Choice of Delectable Birthday Dyes—Choose Taffy, Orange Cream, Cherry Vanilla, Limesicle, Lemon Sherbet, or Bubblegum. Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock; 2 ...

  • Celebrating Nine Years of Guild Wars 2

9. Dirty Dan's Delectable Dyes - Marketspread

  • I make tie dye(shirts, pants, onesies, tapestries, etc. If it's a plant based fiber I'll dye it!). I run a store in Chester, The Hippie Haven, ...

  • I make tie dye(shirts, pants, onesies, tapestries, etc. If it's a plant based fiber I'll dye it!). I run a store in Chester, The Hippie Haven, where I sell my …

10. Facilities - Dyes Walk Country Club

  • With multiple menu options available, Chef Jeff and staff will create a delectable menu for you and your guests. ... birthday parties. It can comfortably ...

  • Facilities at Dye’s Walk With a variety of beautiful spaces suitable for every size event, Dye’s Walk Country Club offers the perfect venue for your special event or private party. […]

11. Andy Anand Sugar-free Fruit Hard Candies + Vitamin C, Antioxidants ...

  • Buy Andy Anand Sugar-free Fruit Hard Candies + Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Keto & Diabetic-Friendly, No Artificial Flavors or Dyes. Delectable with Stevia Made ...

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12. Guild Wars 2 Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary And Officially Makes Its ...

  • 23 aug 2022 · The box contains a dye of your choice from the Delectable Birthday Dyes, a Guaranteed Wardrobe Unlock, two Anniversary Weapon Packs, and two ...

  • It’s a big day for Guild Wars 2 as the long-running MMORPG celebrates its 10th anniversary and officially launches on Steam.

Delectable Birthday Dyes (2024)


What is the whitest dye in gw2? ›

Celestial Dye is the "whitest" non-gemstore dye and is typically a cheaper option than Permafrost.

Are outfits dyeable in GW2? ›

Every outfit can be dyed and has up to four dye channels to customize colors uniformly across the entire outfit. Outfits cannot be combined with any other armor skins, except for back items. Applying an outfit does not cost any Transmutation Charge and it is possible to change it without any restriction.

What is the most expensive dye Guild Wars 2? ›

Black and white dyes drop less frequently and are more popular; they are by far the most expensive. Black Dyes are also used as currency in Pre-Searing Ascalon, likely due to lack of other rare items.

Is there a black dye in gw2? ›

Glossy Black Dye is an exclusive dye from the Solar and Lunar Dye Kit.

What is the point of backpack straps gw2? ›

The straps are used for applying the texture of a higher level back item skin onto lower level characters. One would equip the Backpack Straps, open Hero panel, select Wardrobe, select the Back Item slot, and then select the skin they want to display.

What colors are Asura gw2? ›

Asura typically have grayish skin and dark hair.

How do you get the White Raven in gw2? ›

The White Raven is a rare terrestrial pet available to rangers. It appears in the Hall of Monuments for any player who linked their Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 accounts and who acquired at least 25 Hall of Monument reward points.

What color is elementalist gw2? ›

Elementalist skills are red and blue, and some skills use the attunement palettes. Air Attunement skills are purple and black. Earth Attunement skills are yellow and brown.


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